Limbs Bin - "Unrelenting Barrage Of Flowers And Amethyst Energy" CDR

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Limbs Bin - "Unrelenting Barrage Of Flowers And Amethyst Energy" CDR

Blow the horn and tap the tambourine!

For want of live performances in this blighted year, LIMBS BIN has self-released a pro CD-R containing two of 2019’s most ecstatic declarations of existence to bring the pound of the drum machine and the squall of Greenwood Electronics into homes across the plagueverse.

Strap in pilgrim, as an “Unrelenting Barrage Of Flower And Amethyst Energy” is beamed from these simple discs into the depths of your mind’s multitudes! Mastered by audio wizard Grant Richardson, let LIMBS BIN take you on a trip to Dayton, Ohio’s greater metropolitan area in May to a yoga studio transformed into a stage for spiritual bloodletting and cosmic ejaculation on the very day of his nephew Noam’s birth! Next, LIMBS BIN will whisk you away to the non-Euclidean impossibility of Providence, Rhode Island that August for an unhinged group assassination of the eldritch fear of the unknown common to the pregnable minds of homo sapiens. Fueled by Peruvian steak and the love of a good woman, our hero performs rites of Skull Servitude to equal amounts of dismay and delight.

This humble offering - guaranteed to leave your ears ringing and smile stretched ear to ear - is yours for a nominal fee. Stay kind, and remember- if you’re not a head, you’re behind. Peace unto you!

Brilliant design by Ryan Robinson.

Stunning photo from the Providence show by chief Limbs Bin documentarian Joseph Mauro.

Edition of 100. Not available digitally (unless you rip it and share it yourself, kid).

A Follow Me Into The Laser Eye joint. Contact [email protected] with any questions.